What is VKontakte likes boost?

VKontakte likesLet’s talk a little about VKontakte likes. I usually avoid such topics, because I don’t use Vkontakte myself, but I understand that this is an excellent means of communicating with friends, sharing photos, music, and much more. It’s just that I have other means of communication that don’t take up as much of my time as VK would take, and time is the most important thing for me now. But, nevertheless, I cannot completely ignore the topic of the social network, therefore, today I will tell you about likes, what they are for, why to wind them up and so on.

First things first, what are Vkontakte likes?

Likes are a way to express your approval, a positive attitude towards something, be it a group, a photo, a song, and so on.

What is it for?

And this one’s legs grow from the psychology of a person and his desire for approval by the people around him. Everyone wants to be treated well, loved. And how to express it in a social network? You can write huge comments on each photo in the style: “a cool photo, it turned out great”, or you can just put likes and that’s it. It’s easier and faster.

https://smmtouch.com/en/buy-vk-likes explains why people need these likes. Ordinary inhabitants want attention to themselves, so they ask “give me a heart”, apparently it makes them feel better, their health is getting better, lost from hours of sitting on the net or something else, I don’t know.

Commercial component

I communicate more with a different group of people. These are those who gain likes for specific purposes:

— promotion of the group;
— public;
— sale of goods;
— drawing attention to the brand.

For example, a person creates a new group, begins to attract people to it, fill it with material. But the problem is that people are herd animals. And this is a fact. Therefore, when they come to a newly created group, they see that there is little activity there (well, where does it come from?) And they simply leave without even reading the posts, no matter how interesting they may be. But if you wind up a few likes for each post, then the herd instincts will work for us, and not against.

The same applies to the promotion of goods. After all, it’s no secret that social networks are a powerful tool for selling various goods. Millions of daily audience, legal means of advertising, almost white business. Cheating hearts at the initial stage of promotion helps a lot, unlike, for example, bots. There is no sense from them — they just lie like a dead weight.

Now you know what VKontakte likes are and why they are needed at all.